Lee's interest in planetaria began when he was at university studying astronomy. He would take the department's small, inflatable planetarium out to schools, giving many children their first experience of the wonders of our cosmos.

In 2009 Lee joined the science centre At-Bristol (now known as We The Curious). He became Planetarium Manager, and was instrumental in its ~£1 million upgrade to 4k 3D – the first of its type in the UK. Lee led a small team producing content, and personally trained more than 100 presenters. He wrote shows on topics including stargazing, the Solar System, sustainability, astrobiology, and more.

Lee also produced planetarium shows for The Look Out Discovery Centre, Generation Science, and the Abu Dhabi Science Festival. An estimated 2 million people have seen planetarium shows written by Lee.

From 2017 - 2019 Lee was President of the British Association of Planetaria. 

He is still involved with the national and international planetarium community. He recently travelled to the ESO Supernova planetarium in Munich to train their team of presenters.